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Polytrade, always in constant development and concerned about the needs of its customers, boasts a portfolio of products for concrete and mortar, road surface binders, gasket sealants, paints and coatings, casting, and fireworks.

Concrete and mortar

For each application, we have specific products that have been tested and approved by specialized laboratories as well as in the market. As solutions for the construction industry, we offer additives for concrete and mortar that directly affect workability, strength, durability, optimal distribution, and size of incorporated air bubbles, among many others. We provide products designed for wet mixtures such as Carbofen Admix, AIR Mortar+, Carbofen Air+, and Carbocrete, as well as Carbofen Resin, the latter requiring neutralization in a basic medium. We also offer products for dry mixtures like Carbofen NCX and Carbofen-X. Below, we can observe the mixing characteristics for each product:





Wet Mix


Carbofen Admix

Carbofen Air+
Carbofen Resin

Dry Mix

Carbofen NCX


Road surface binders

In the Road Surface Binders market, we offer slow-setring anionic emulsifiers: Emulsifen G5000 and Carbofen Gold, a powder product for slurry seal, tack coat, soil stabilization, base stabilization, waterproofing, and antidust applications. Emulsifen G5000  is a concentrated liquid solution, “ready to use” product, meaning it only requires dilution in water before application. On the other hand, Carbofen Gold requires basic medium neutralization for use, but this neutralization process is easily achievable.

Anionic emulsifiers for road surface binders market
Anionic emulsifiers for road surface binders market


Due to the thermoplastic characteristics of our resins, they are recommended for the production of foundry paints, used on molds to prevent deformations in cast parts, resulting in a smooth finish. The most suitable resins for this market are Carbofen Resin and Respin Shellac, with the latter available in the form of laminated flakes or powder.

Automotive Sector

Following the concept of thermoplasticity, CarboGasket, offered in flakes and powder forms, finds application in the Gasket Sealants industry due to its high adhesion to substrates at elevated temperatures. Our CarboGasket provides the final product with excellent heat resistance, flexibility when dry, easy application, and outstanding sealing properties.

Fireworks applications

For fireworks, we offer FireBinder in both flakes and powder forms. It acts as a “protective” binder for the main ingredients of fireworks, preventing these ingredients from absorbing moisture and damaging the device, which could impair its function. When our resin is dissolved in alcohol, it also serves as a varnish for the cardboard components present in firework structures.

Paints and coatings

In the realm of paints and coatings, including varnishes, we present the Respin Shellac line in Gloss and Matte forms, Gum Rosin in its pure form, and Turpentine. Our resins can be used in anything from simple formulations, where the product is merely diluted in an alcoholic medium, to more complex formulations of waterproof paints and varnishes.

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