Liquid Air Entraining for Concrete


Carbocrete is a compound resin dissolved in an aqueous solution. It is derived from the synthesis of polyphenol resins with natural saponified resin acids, which go through special processing conditions obtaining as result a product with excellent properties as an air entraining agent for microcellular concrete and mortar.


  • To extend the life span of buildings and structures made by concrete or mortar. The air entraining agents have large use in foundations, slabs, dikes, tunnels, canals, bridges, overpasses, concrete highways projects, and others;
  • It can be applied at all types of concrete including light weight and pre-stressed concrete where optimum air entrainment is desired;
  • To improve workability to lean/harsh mixes and to reduce bleeding caused by grading deficiencies in the concrete materials;
  • In concrete containing Pozzolith or other admixtures (water reducers, accelerators, retarders, densified and water repellents).


  • It does not require the neutralization of the resin with caustic soda;
  • It increases tension and flexibility strengths;
  • It lowers total cost by increasing materials yield;
  • Good stability of viscosity;
  • It does not provoke a change of volume in stored concrete and mortar;
  • Higher resistance to cracks caused by freeze-thaw cycles;
  • Better chemical resistance to the sulfate;
  • Strong reduction in bleeding (water segregation on structure´s surface)
  • It increases the plasticity of the admixture;
  • It reduces the permeability;
  • It increases the durability;
  • Easy preparation of the admixture;
  • Excellent solubility in water.

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