Carbofen-X is a water-soluble powder with excellent air-entraining and plasticizing properties for mortar made of Portland cement.
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Dry Mix Mortar Applications

Due to its chemical and physical properties, Carbofen-X is a cost-effective, ready-for-use, air-entraining agent and plasticizer for mortar made of Portland cement. This water-soluble product is a versatile option since it may be used by itself or with other raw materials in many mortar mix applications, such as:

  • Dry mix mortar for DIY to large construction projects,
  • Cementitious masonry,
  • Adhesive mortar,
  • Plastering mortar,
  • Repair mortar.

Shipping & Handling

  • We export in containers of 20ft and 40ft.
  • Polytrade has more than two decades of experience delivering its products all over the world.


  • Paper bags of 20 kg (approx. 44 lbs)
  • We recommend storage in dry and fresh places.
  • Tightly reclose packaging, the product is hygroscopic.

More Product Information

  • Made in Brazil
  • Worldwide Shipping


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