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Eco-friendly Natural Resins

Polytrade Provides Efficient Natural Resins for Formulations in Several Markets

In order to manufacture high quality products in today’s market, Polytrade chose to headquarter its business in the south region of Brazil, the metropolitan city of Curitiba. Not only does the region provide the necessary qualified human capabilities, it is also the cradle of international trade in the country. With such a context and relying on intelligent partnerships, we are able to supply our natural resins worldwide to more than 30 countries in 6 continents.

Polytrade has been successful in accomplishing its objectives and meeting client’s needs for more than 2 decades. Rendering efficient eco-friendly products and delivering high quality services is the essence of the firm’s philosophy to which it has remained faithful throughout the years.

So much so that in 2017 we expanded to Miami, Florida, USA to better meet the increasing demand for our natural resins in the North American market. And in 2020 we commenced the production of certain products in Spain to meet expectations of our EU clients and partners.

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To globally distribute natural resins made from renewable sources


To co-create a greener and more sustainable world with natural resins


We believe in providing only the highest-quality products, services and customer care with the upmost transparency and attention to ecological sustainability

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Image is a photo of concrete stairs taken from below. The angle leads the eye to to the top of the stairs. The concrete stairs are light gray and contrast with the clear blue sky on the horizon. The stairs do not look new, but in excelent shape. Most likely air entrained concrete was used to make them last the outdoor conditions.

Let us go back to basics! This article tackles the most commonly asked questions about air-entrained concrete. The top 5 questions on Google are: 1) What is air entrainment in concrete? 2) Why is air entrainment…

Hexagon shape has 6 triangles with products from the Carbofen Line. 4 triangles has powdered products, 1 has a flaked product and the last is a liquid product. All the products from the Carbofen line substitute the vinsol resins.

Given the increasing demand for natural resins in the global market as companies focus more on their green footprint and allied with the decrease in the supply of Vinsol, Polytrade offers its line of Carbofen products as a substitute and extender for the Vinsol resins.

Photo of a wall that is composed of several materials. They represent the diversity and flexibility of use of natural materials in several industries.

News travel fast. So, it is understandably hard to stay up to date on industry trends. For buyers working in the purchasing department of chemical industries, researching for natural materials is time intensive. To help buyers…