The history of our company

Polytrade was founded in 1996 with the mission of exporting natural resins. We are a well-structured, technologically modern company with qualified human capital, established in Curitiba, located in the south of Brazil. Strategically, the region provides an excellent infrastructure, close to ports, airports, highways, abundant natural resources of high quality and great capacity of resin production.

Product Applications

Admixtures & Air Entraining Agents for Concrete made of Portland Cement

Air Entraining Agents and Plasticizers for Mortar made of Portland Cement

Natural Resin for Foundry Coatings, Casting Varnishes and Foundry Molds

Anionic Emulsifying Agents for Slow Set Emulsions for Road Surface Binders

Anionic Emulsifying Agents for Slow Set Emulsions for Waterproofing and Roofing

CarboGasket Flake is a thermoplastic natural resin with high adhesive capacity for the bonding of metal parts

Tackifier for Automotive Adhesives, Bonding of Metal Parts and Gasket Sealants

Natural Resin for the Waterproofing of Firework and Signal Cartridge’s Packaging

Natural Resin for the Wood Varnish Coating of Wooden Furniture and Surfaces

Natural Resin for the Food Coating of Salami, Cheeses and Fruits

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    Image is a photo of concrete stairs taken from below. The angle leads the eye to to the top of the stairs. The concrete stairs are light gray and contrast with the clear blue sky on the horizon. The stairs do not look new, but in excelent shape. Most likely air entrained concrete was used to make them last the outdoor conditions.

    Let us go back to basics! This article tackles the most commonly asked questions about air-entrained concrete. The top 5 questions on Google are: 1) What is air entrainment in concrete? 2) Why is air entrainment…

    Given the increasing demand for natural resins in the global market as companies focus more on their green footprint and allied with the decrease in the supply of Vinsol, Polytrade offers its line of Carbofen products as a substitute and extender for the Vinsol resins.

    Photo of a wall that is composed of several materials. They represent the diversity and flexibility of use of natural materials in several industries.

    News travel fast. So, it is understandably hard to stay up to date on industry trends. For buyers working in the purchasing department of chemical industries, researching for natural materials is time intensive. To help buyers…