The history of our company

Polytrade was founded in 1996 with the mission of exporting natural resins. We are a well-structured, technologically modern company with qualified human capital, established in Curitiba, located in the south of Brazil. Strategically, the region provides an excellent infrastructure, close to ports, airports, highways, abundant natural resources of high quality and great capacity of resin production.

Product Applications

Admixtures & Air Entraining Agents for Concrete made of Portland Cement

Air Entraining Agents and Plasticizers for Mortar made of Portland Cement

Natural Resin for Foundry Coatings, Casting Varnishes and Foundry Molds

Anionic Emulsifying Agents for Slow Set Emulsions for Road Surface Binders

Anionic Emulsifying Agents for Slow Set Emulsions for Waterproofing and Roofing

CarboGasket Flake is a thermoplastic natural resin with high adhesive capacity for the bonding of metal parts

Tackifier for Automotive Adhesives, Bonding of Metal Parts and Gasket Sealants

Natural Resin for the Waterproofing of Firework and Signal Cartridge’s Packaging

Natural Resin for the Wood Varnish Coating of Wooden Furniture and Surfaces

Natural Resin for the Food Coating of Salami, Cheeses and Fruits

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    How does Base Stabilization and Soil Stabilization Differ is a blog post that has a feature image. The feature image is that of a freshly paved asphalt road going on into the horizon with lush trees growing on either side of the road in a sunny day. Thus, there are delicious shades over the asphalt road. This blog posts describes what is soli stabilization, what is base stabilizaiton and where the similarities of these processes end.

    Within the realm of road construction, base stabilization and soil stabilization might have been used interchangeably. But in their essence, these industry jargons refer to different processes. Before we jump into their particularities and characteristics, let us go over some definitions.

    Given the increasing demand for natural resins in the global market as companies focus more on their green footprint and allied with the decrease in the supply of Vinsol, Polytrade offers its line of Carbofen products as a substitute and extender for the Vinsol resins.

    Image of a highway paved with asphalt. The asphalt is new, since it is very black. The road keeps going into the distance against a pink and orange sunset.

    The first image that pops up into most people’s minds when they hear the word “asphalt” is probably an image like the one that is featured in this blog post: a brand spanking new road. However, “bitumen emulsions” or its interchangeable countertype, “asphalt emulsions,” has…