AIR Mortar+


AIR Mortar+ is 100% natural and eco-friendly, water-based solution, solvent free, and meets the requirements for companies that are looking for ecological solutions in their portfolio. It is derived from the synthesis of natural polyphenol resins saponified with natural resin acids, which are specially processed resulting in a product with excellent properties as an air entraining agent. The chemical composition and physical properties of AIR Mortar+ make it ideal as an air entraining agent in mortars and concrete.


Our product can be used as a soap solution by itself or with other raw materials and additives in many applications, such as:

  • Cementitious masonry
  • Adhesive mortar
  • Plastering mortar
  • Repair mortar

Advantages as an air entrainer

  • Improves plasticity, water retention and cohesiveness of mortar;
  • Effectiveness at low usage rates;
  • Water reducer;
  • Reduces fissures during the drying process;
  • Product already neutralized, just add water for dilution;
  • Grants mortar better resistance to sulfate and chloride ;
  • Does not provoke volume changes in the mortar mix ;
  • No need to use preservatives on soap solution after neutralization process.

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