Concrete Admixtures

Looking for a Vinsol replacement?

Yes, our products can replace Vinsol resin

Polytrade is always in constant development and concerned with the needs of its customers. We have developed specific products for different applications, driven by an innovative market vision of offering more options that better suit each customer’s requirements. As a result, we have increased our production capacity and gained market share every year. Today, we produce twice as much as we did 10 years ago. Despite our large-scale production, we never compromise on offering high-quality products that meet specifications.

The disruptive point in this market chain, which was previously dominated by Pinova’s Vinsol resin, was the large-scale production of our liquid additive solutions for concrete and mortar, as well as the anionic emulsifier for road surface binder in the USA and Europe. Now, our customers in the USA and Europe can purchase locally produced products with prompt delivery.

In the USA, our business partner, Polytrade Natural Resins US, is responsible for marketing our products. Our distributors are leaders in their respective segments, and we highlight the work developed by OMYA (Hall Technologies) in the USA and EMSA Chemicals in Europe.

At our company, we conduct recurrent tests for each application, comparing the performance of our products to existing market products in terms of cost-effectiveness and formulation improvements.

Our products replace Vinsol resin as air-entraining agents in concrete and as asphalt emulsifiers for road paving, roofing, and waterproofing.
Our products replace Vinsol resin as air-entraining agents in concrete and as asphalt emulsifiers for road paving, roofing, and waterproofing.

Vinsol comparative concrete and mortar studies

Recently, we conducted a study at a specialized laboratory for concrete and mortar studies, following the ASTM C260 standard. We compared Vinsol, the reference product, with our air-entraining concrete admixtures. The tests were conducted under the same conditions of temperature, solids, aggregates, and dosage. The results showed that our products meet the ASTM C260 standard with similar results to the reference product. Therefore, in the concrete industry, Carbofen Resin, Carbofen Admix, and Carbofen NCX can be used to replace Vinsol. In the mortar industry, Vinsol can be substituted with Carbofen Resin, Carbofen Air+, Carbofen NCX, and AIR Mortar+. Below, we can observe the characteristics of each mentioned product:

Product Type Neutralization pH Wet Mix System Dry-mix System
Carbofen Resin Powder Need to neutralize N/A
Carbofen Admix Liquid Ready to use 11-12
Carbofen Air+ Liquid Ready to use 9-10
AirMortar+ Liquid Ready to use 11-12.5
Carbofen NCX Powder Ready to use 11-12
Carbofen X Powder Ready to use 9.5-11

Similarly, we conducted comparative tests for the application of anionic bituminous emulsifiers used for asphalt emulsions, soil stabilization, cold mixes, anti-dust agents, waterproofing, among others. For this industry, we recommend Carbofen Gold and Emulsifen G5000 as substitutes for the reference resin. Carbofen Gold requires a neutralization process, while Emulsifen G5000 is a ready-to-use product that only requires dilution in water for solid adjustments.

In the gasket sealants industry, Vinsol can be replaced by CarboGasket Flake and CarboGasket, our thermoplastic resins with high bonding power.

For the casting paint market, where coating mold products with reduced roughness and smoother finishing are essential, our products that replace Vinsol for this application are Carbofen Resin and Respin Shellac.

All our resins, just like Vinsol, are natural.

It is important to emphasize that the choice of which product to use as a replacement for Vinsol will depend solely on the customer’s application, available machinery, and desired characteristics for the final product. Consequently, conducting initial formulation tests is essential to optimize the final production process.