FireBinder is a powdered natural resin added to waterproofing formulations for the packaging of fireworks and signal cartridges.

FireBinder is soluble in methanol, ethanol, esters and acetone. Furthermore, this fine powder is insoluble in aromatic solvents, aliphatic solvents and water. Thus, our product can be used as is or solubilized, depending on the intended application.

A Green Solution for Green Companies

This powdered natural resin is the epitome of an eco-friendly choice when it comes to determining the origin and impact of raw materials for product formulations. Since FireBinder is a plant-based powder, our product is an ideal candidate for companies that want to maintain the quality of their formulations while investing in our planet’s future.

A Natural Resin for the Waterproofing Formulations of Signal Cartridges and Firework's Paper Packaging

FireBinder performs well in waterproofing formulations of signal cartridges and firework’s paper packaging to protect the main ingredients from moisture. In this manner, the salts and other ingredients within the formulation remain dry and the vibrancy of the colors is secured when the fireworks and signal cartridges are utilized.

A Natural Resin for Firework Formulations

Due to FireBinder’s plant-based physical and chemical properties, our product is used in firework formulations. Once mixed with other raw materials that compose a firework, our natural resin brings brilliance to the colors produced by the different salts and acts as a binder that holds the mixture together.

Shipping & Handling

  • We export in containers of 20ft and 40ft.
  • FireBinder is a natural resin. Therefore, it is classified as a non-hazardous material.


  • Paper bags of 25 kg (approx. 55 lbs)
  • Big bags from 500 – 1,000 kg (approx. 1,102 – 2,204 lbs)
  • We recommend storage in dry and fresh places.

More Product Information

  • Made In Brazil
  • Polytrade has more than two decades of experience delivering its products all over the world.


FireBinder is a new addition to our portfolio. Thus, we have stock where it is produced in Brazil. However, Polytrade has a history of providing its portfolio offerings in several locations through domestic inventorying and through strategic partners around the world. Consequently, there will be more locations soon. Please find below product availability:

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