Everything you need to know about TDI 80/20


TDI, or toluene diisocyanate, is an essential organic compound in many industries due to its versatile and unique properties. In this article, we’ll explore in detail what TDI 80/20 is, its applications and the benefits it offers.

What is TDI 80/20?

TDI 80/20 refers to a mixture of two main isomers of toluene diisocyanate: toluene 2,4-diisocyanate and toluene 2,6-diisocyanate. This combination is widely used in industry due to its effectiveness and versatility in various applications.

Applications of TDI 80/20:

Manufacture of Flexible Foams: TDI 80/20 is a key component in the production of flexible foams, found in a variety of products from mattresses to automotive upholstery. Its ability to react with polyols and water to form cellular structures is crucial for creating these comfortable and resilient materials.

Automotive industry: Within the automotive sector, TDI 80/20 is used in the manufacture of interior components, such as seats and upholstery, due to its durability and ability to provide comfort to vehicle occupants.

Construction: In the construction industry, TDI 80/20 is used in the production of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as floor and wall coverings, offering insulating and sound-dampening properties.

Adhesives and sealants: Due to its ability to form strong and durable bonds, TDI 80/20 is a common ingredient in adhesives and sealants used in a wide range of industrial and domestic applications.

Resins and elastomers: TDI 80/20 is used in the manufacture of resins and elastomers due to its ability to give the final materials strength and flexibility.

Benefits of TDI 80/20:

Argentine origin: TDI 80/20 of Argentine origin has a recognized reputation in the market for its superior quality and consistency. Manufacturers trust in the provenance and excellence of this product.

Recognized quality: The quality of TDI 80/20 is widely recognized by industry professionals, guaranteeing consistent and reliable results in a variety of applications.

In short, TDI 80/20 plays a crucial role in various industries, from the manufacture of flexible foams to the production of adhesives and sealants. Its exceptional quality and Argentine origin make it a reliable choice for manufacturers around the world.