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Respin Shellac: our natural resin

Polytrade is well known for producing a natural resin called Respin Shellac. But what many people don’t know is that, in addition to its main use in the foundry industry, varnishes and wood coatings, this natural resin can also be used in different applications.

We have some clients using it to produce a type of primer for plaster, usually for sculptures and handcrafts, and coating for plastic materials.

And we are ready to supply more and more customers who need natural resin for these types of uses. That is why our current goal is to prospect clients for this kind of use, mainly in the European continent.

Respin Shellac applications

Check below some types of applications and segments that use natural resin:

1) Joint Seal:

The application of Respin Shellac in the formulation is thought to act as an agent to promote adhesion and waterproofing.

Our natural resin is used for the production of joint seal for gas and water installations, acting as bonding agent. Its also used for the production of liquid joint seal for stoves, in smaller pipes so that gas does not escape, and also for the production of sealing paste used in sealing for larger pipes (air conditioning, hydraulic, fire).

Features: Respin acts as a thread waterproofing agent, forming a glue texture that prevents gas from leaking into the connections. It is considered an excellent product and has a quick drying time.

2) Varnish for Handcrafts:

Respin Shellac is used to form a varnish that is applied to the most diverse substrates with the purpose of protection and beauty, in materials such as bamboo mats, wooden mats, dried flowers, dried foliage crafts, wreaths of the type used in funerals, ceramic uses, wicker baskets.  But always to give shine and protection.

3) Ceramic use:

Respin Shellac is used as a coating to protect the products inside.

4) Varnish for Auto Parts:

Respin Shellac acts as a primer on aluminium and car parts. It produces a protective antioxidant varnish, to be applied to car parts to withstand the production process. Its function is to improve the look, adhesion and protection.

5) Floor Wax:

Respin Shellac is used to produce wax for wood floors. Its function is to provide shine and form a protective film on the floor.

6) Flexographic Ink:

Respin Shellac is used in flexographic ink, as the carrier/main resin. It has a good shine, good transparency and adequate viscosity. For the production of flexographic ink, our natural resin is diluted in ethanol and this varnish becomes the ink’s base. To this mixture a powder pigment is added, and Respin has the function of being the pigment carrier, providing viscosity to the ink, which needs to be at a certain viscosity, with the objective of not over-wetting the paper and eventually tearing it. Respin also provides a faster drying process than in a thinner ink.


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Published on 22-FEB-2022.