Anionic Bitumen Emulsifying Agents

Slurry seal and G5000

Slurry seal is the application of a cold mixture of water, bituminous emulsion, mineral aggregates – gravel with small granulometry – and any additives on the surface of an existing asphalt paving.

This mixture has a relatively fluid consistency, which allows for easy application and, when stiffened, allows for increased cohesion and hardness, providing a resistant surface, in addition to low permeability and anti-slip. It can be used as a correction or prevention application.

Used as a wear and weathering layer, this application is indicated for sealing cracks, waterproofing old coatings with surface wear, eliminating skidding problems, protecting recent coatings, regularizing the sidewalk, improving surface roughness and aesthetic improvement of the sidewalk, extending the sidewalk’s useful life, reducing water penetration and oxidation of the asphalt binder in structural layers.

Among the components of the slurry seal is the bitumen emulsion, which consists of a mixture of asphalt emulsified in water through dispersing additives called “emulsifiers”.

For the production of bituminous emulsion that can be used in slurry seal, we indicate the product Emulsifen G5000, a water-soluble liquid dispersant/emulsifier additive for anionic emulsions of the SS-1 and SS1h type, in other words, slow-breaking emulsions. Its formulation is composed of processed and modified natural resins.

Slurry seal

Ecofriendly solution, excellent water solubility, easy to use as it is a liquid solution, dilution of the product without the need for heating, possibility of economical formulations for a variety of emulsion applications and testing according to ASTM specifications are some of the advantages of using Emulsifen G5000.

In addition to slurry seal, Emulsifen G5000 is also suitable for tack coats, base stabilization, soil stabilization, and waterproofing products.