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Natural Materials Links to be Informed in 9 Manufacturing Industries

Photo of a wall that is composed of several materials. They represent the diversity and flexibility of use of natural materials in several industries.

News travel fast. So, it is understandably hard to stay up to date on industry trends. For buyers working in the purchasing department of chemical industries, researching for natural materials is time intensive.

To help buyers in their search for products and information, we compiled this list. It contains the most useful links to save to your web browser for the following industries:


The following self-contained sections are brimming with resources for buyers of specialty chemical companies. Feel free to browse to your specific industry and find resources that will help you stay informed. Happy researching!


Concrete Industry Resources and Natural Materials

The concrete industry is a major global industry. As a result, research programs to improve the performance of this segment happen frequently. These efforts range from changing the design of the concrete mix to adopting sustainable natural materials, such as wood resins. Plant-based materials are useful in a variety of functions. For instance, air entraining agents are concrete additives for improving concrete performance. The primary objective of this type of product is to enable the benefits from air entrainment.

The resources below display the latest trends in the concrete and building construction industries:


World Cement Website and Magazine

Palladian Publications Limited owns the website and magazine named World Cement. It is a family-owned company that has been in operation since 1947. The key objective of the publisher is to provide magazines and websites that are market leaders in their respective fields. So, it is no surprise that World Cement is such a distinguished resource. After creating a free membership, you can save your favorite articles and refer back to them anytime.

The World Cement Magazine is available online after starting a free trial. The sign-up process is a straightforward 4-step process:

  • Step 1: It asks for an email, name, password, country and a security question.
  • Sep 2: Then, the website prompts the visitor for more detailed information: company name, and job title.
  • Step 3: Next, The visitor answers 2 multiple choice questions about their company’s niche.
  • Step 4: Lastly, the visitor fills out their work address.


If reading online is not for you, the World Cement Magazine has printed issues. The magazine mails a monthly publication to your address of choice after you sign up. The first issue is free.

Add the World of Cement website link as a favorite in your browser for a daily selection of top stories and upcoming events. Or subscribe to their free newsletter for news sent directly to your inbox.

Global Cement Website and Magazine

Another useful resource is the Global Cement website and magazine. Both cover all areas of the cement business, including mining and quarrying, environment and safety and its role in the concrete and building construction markets. However, its competitive advantage is the comprehensive analysis of the global cement news and industry. Lastly, the Global Cement Magazine is a monthly digital magazine and their informative content is free for subscribers.

Other Notable Mentions:


Mortar Industry Resource

The mortar industry is a vast market within the building construction industry with subniches. Obviously, both wet and dry mortar mixes are manufactured for multiple applications. Thus, each presentation has its own particularities. The following resource is a steady stream of news and research tools specifically for dry mix mortar:

Known as The International Community for Dry Mix Mortars, offers a plenitude of resources. Their website organizes both online and offline networking events with technical lectures and multiple yearly publications. It is true that the website layout and features are old and very mid-2000s. However, the content more than makes up for the lack of visual appeal. The reason deserves a spot in this list is for its extensive business directory. This research tool will help buyers in search of natural materials within the dry mix mortar industry.

Another time saving resource is the newsletter. It reaches approximately 8.000 subscribers worldwide with a manageable bitesize of news and trends. Moreover, the highlight of the newsletter is a list of worldwide events focused on mortar and dry mix.


Foundry Refractory Coatings Industry Resources and Natural Materials

Foundry coatings are paints designed specifically for the metal casting industry. In some cases, a natural resin is added to the coating formulation to improve its regular standards. They are designed to resist the high temperatures of molten metal. In addition, foundry coatings function as a barrier between molten metal and a core or mold surface. Increasingly, the industry has invested in natural materials to offset the negative impacts of the trade. The following links are useful tools for research:


Foundry Gate

Foundry Gate is a company that focuses on the metallurgical supply chain, specifically the foundry supply chain. The objective is to make the lives of everyone involved in the metallurgical and mechanical fields easier. The website provides information on foundries worldwide, suppliers, technical papers and even job opportunities.

Be warned that the website is antiquated with a lot of visual pollution from ads. However, the foundries directory and their free newsletter make up for the lack of white space. Within the directory, visitors can search for suppliers of natural materials and a variety of different products.

World Foundry Organization

The World Foundry Organization (WFO) is a recognized center of strategic foundry expertise. This institution has the goal of developing, enhancing, and improving metal casting production via use of cutting-edge technological and sustainable industrial practices. The WFO members are the major players of the industry. Together, they develop a network of technical knowledge and resources in 30 countries.

Moreover, the website is clean and easy to navigate. However, the feature that puts the WFO on this list is their publications. Most are free for members, but even the articles that are paid, are reasonably priced between €35.00 – €145.00. This extremely rich content contains industry trends and valuable information for decision makers.

Another golden feature of the website is their production census. Every year the WFO and its partners surveys the world’s casting producers and creates a digestible report.


Road Surface Binders and Asphalt Paving Industry Resources

The green alternatives have been growing strong in this sector. One such alternative are asphalt emulsions for road surface binder and paving applications. A bituminous emulsion is principally a stable combination of asphalt cement, water and an emulsifying agent. In it, the bitumen droplets are suspended by an emulsifier in water. This aqueous solution can be pumped into tanks and blended with aggregates to be utilized on pavement and in several different ways. The bituminous emulsions are eco-friendly because they are water-based. Also, some of the most common emulsifiers are made of natural materials. Find below two useful links to be informed:


International Bitumen Emulsion Federation (IBEF)

The IBEF connects bitumen emulsion producers worldwide through their national associations and partners. Initiated in 1993 at the first World Emulsion Congress, the IBEF is an international organization founded by six major associations. This institution is internationally recognized as the reference for the improvement of techniques and sharing of information on bitumen emulsions. We highly recommend you save their website to your browser. Moreover, IBEF frequently updates their homepage with events, industry trends and post rich content.

AsphaltPro Magazine

AsphaltPro is a magazine serving the asphalt industry. Their monthly publications deliver a rotation of high-quality content integral to running a successful asphalt plant or paving operation. Also, AsphaltPro’s website and newsletter delivers information to improve safety, efficiency and performance on all areas of the business. However, the golden feature that lands this online magazine in this list is their courses and calculator.


Bituminous Waterproofing and Roofing Industry

Waterproofing is the process of creating an internal or exterior membrane to prevent the loss or entry of water into concrete. Anionic roof coating emulsions are made of asphalt that has been emulsified with water and clay. They are lightweight and low odor, making them easier to apply even in occupied buildings. Bituminous roof coatings are gaining popularity due to its easy usage and the natural origin of some products. The following links will keep you informed about news and industry trends:


Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA)

This institution represents the construction industry’s fastest expanding sector. The LRWA’s goal is to enhance knowledge of the technical and economic advantages of specifying liquid applied waterproofing systems. So, they promote the use of liquid membranes, which are suitable for new-build and renovation projects. In addition, the LRWA serves as the industry’s collective voice when giving direction on industry standards and best practices.

Moreover, their website is clean and easy to navigate. It is full of rich technical information, case studies and a dedicated news page that is updated regularly. Another top-notch feature is their product register. As of June 2021, the LRWA does not have a newsletter. However, you can follow their social media accounts, especially their LinkedIn, for updates.

European Waterproofing Association (EWA)

The EWA voices the interests of the European roofing and waterproofing manufacturing businesses. Moreover, they aspire to be continent’s primary source of assistance and information on all roofing and waterproofing issues for both the industry and its user groups. Thus, they provide information and technical forums on the waterproofing goods created EWA members.


Gasket Sealant & Automotive Adhesive Industry

This industry produces sealing components composed of rubber, paper and plastic that are used to seal pipelines, equipment, pumps, and other mechanical devices. Thus, the gasket sealant and automotive adhesive industry is a vital supplier to a range of manufacturing industries since seals and gaskets are required in industrial infrastructure. The two links below are useful research tools and industry news outlets:


Adhesives & Sealant Industry Website and ASI Magazine

ASI delivers an in-depth coverage of the adhesive and sealant manufacturing, formulations and finished products. They have a user-friendly website complete with industry events, a news outlet and a global adhesive and sealants directory.

ASI is a go-to link for information and a time-saving research tool not only online, but on print too. Their magazine publishes issues once a month and can be read online for free. To get unlimited access to their content, the visitor must register an account. It is also free and worth trading in some business information. Lastly, ASI has a newsletter that visitors can subscribe to receive curated content in their inbox.

The Adhesives and Sealant Council (ASC)

The ASC created to raise awareness about the benefits and value of the industry’s products. Within its virtual walls, visitors learn about the advantages that adhesives and sealants provide to modern product design and assembly. Thus, acts mainly as an online instructional resource. However, they keep an updated events calendar and a steady stream of news and information.

Moreover, the unique feature of this website is their vendor select tool and the adhesive selection. The Vendor Select Tool acts as a business directory which visitors can search for companies and products through filters. Added to this time-saving feature is the adhesive selection page. The page is filled with industry knowledge and tips to guide visitors in their quest for knowledge.


Pyrotechnic Industry Resource

Pyrotechnics is the science of crafting fireworks, safety matches, explosive bolts and the like. This trade is based on self-contained and self-sustaining exothermic chemical processes that produce heat, light, gas, smoke, and/or sound. Pyrotechnic formulations have increasingly been reducing its impact on the environment by utilizing natural composites. The most notable resource is:


American Pyrotechnics Association (APA)

The APA was established in 1948 by a group of 7 fireworks manufacturing companies. They recognized the need to unite in order to effectively face growing regulations and industry-wide issues. The APA website is easy to navigate and has publications, state law directory and a calendar updated with events. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of their events and meetings are held online. Feel free to sign up to their free newsletter to get curated content.


Wood Varnish Coatings Industry for Wooden Furniture and Surfaces

Varnish is a liquid coating substance that contains a resin and dries to form a hard, clear layer. The majority of varnishes are a mixture of resin, drying oil, drier, and volatile solvent. When varnish dries, the solvent evaporates, and the remaining ingredients oxidize or polymerize to produce a long-lasting clear layer. Thus, varnish preserves and beautifies wooden floors and furniture. However, it is difficult to find a specialized wood coatings website unfocused on home improvement and DIY. Instead, we recommend a more general, but industrial-minded resource:


Coatings World Website and Magazine

Debuted in 1996, Coatings World is presently the largest publisher in the coatings business. In 23 years, they have developed a website and an online magazine that publishes monthly. Coatings World has an overwhelmingly busy website, but full of useful resources and content. They have time-saving a business directory and constantly update their news section.


Food Wax Coatings Industry Resource and Natural Materials

Food coatings serve a variety of purposes. One of them is to operate as a barrier, limiting the product’s interaction with the environment. By regulating the surface moisture, food coatings prevent food from agglomeration, adhesion, or disintegration. Moreover, like many specialty coatings, it is hard to find a dedicated space focused on only one niche application. Thus, a resource we recommend is:


Food Processing Technology aims to deliver up-to-date information on new products, services and trends within the food processing industry. Thus, their website features an extensive and complete listing of food processing equipment providers, products and services. Other resources on the domain include free white paper downloads and business news releases. Visitors can create a free account and receive periodically the industry’s go-to newsletter.

Parallelly, the website operates the Just Food Magazine. Visitors and subscribers alike can read the monthly publications for free.


BONUS: Universal Business Directories

As a gift for arriving at the end of this article, here are two universal business directories. The following websites are great for searching for products.

At SpecialChem, the visitor can research by application or by product category. This extremely useful tool also offers paid and free webinars, courses, news and a curated newsletter. The sign-up process is painless, and the subscriber can easily pick what topics interest them most.

B2Brazil is the leading B2B Marketplace for international trade in the Americas. The goal of the website is to connect exporters and importers worldwide to do business. Thus, it is a great tool for researching specific products and raw materials. Visitors can sign up for free to receive a newsletter. For companies, it is also a great place to have a business profile advertising products and services.


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