Introducing 2 New Products to the Carbofen Product Line

Introducing 2 New Products to the Carbofen Product Line

If a company wants to stay relevant in a competitive marketplace, a brand must invest in customer satisfaction and research and development. So Polytrade is proud to say that our team has been collecting qualitative data for the past year in order to solve client pains. From the data collected, our lab was able to cook up not only one, but two new products to complement the already superb Carbofen Product Line: Carbofen Gold and Carbofen-X.

Presenting Carbofen Gold

Not surprisingly, one of our newest additions to the Carbofen family, Carbofen Gold, was baptized with its name inspired by the product’s reddish-gold coloration.

Since the inception of Polytrade, the Carbofen line of products has been constantly perfected and new additions presented over time in order to maximize customer satisfaction. Carbofen 6060 was the closest product available to replace the Vinsol Resin, both in powder and flake form. Now, thanks to the feedback of our clients and unyielding determination of our team of experts, a new option has been created. Carbofen Gold comes to market as a direct substitute to the Vinsol Flake Resin, while Carbofen 6060 is strategically placed to substitute the Vinsol Resin in powder form.

Applications of Carbofen Gold

Like its older sibling, Carbofen Gold can be utilized in a variety of industries and applications, such as:

  • Anionic bitumen emulsifier for slow setting (SS-1 and SS-1H) emulsions for slurry seal, tack coats, base stabilization, waterproofing, and road pavement rejuvenation applications,
  • Tackifier for adhesives & automotive sealants,
  • Natural resin for foundry coatings, varnishes, and inks.


Packaging for Carbofen Gold

The standard packaging for Carbofen Gold are raffia bags of 25 kg (approx. 55 lbs). However, if your production line does not support this type of container, let us know! Polytrade has a history of providing clients with bulk packaging when requested.

Transportation of Carbofen Gold

Since this material is a natural resin, it is considered non-hazardous and transportation via maritime, land and air freight is uncomplicated and safe.

Presenting Carbofen-X

Polytrade proudly presents Carbofen-X, another addition to the Carbofen Product Line, baptized with an X for being e-X-tremely powerful as an air entraining agent for dry mix mortar.

With customer satisfaction in mind, Carbofen-X comes as a response to the dry mix mortar industry’s cry for a cost-effective natural resin. The industry wanted a product that was just as eco-friendly and natural as the rest of the Carbofen family, but efficient and strategically priced for applications that involved mortar mixes with aggregates different from Portland cement. With this challenge in mind, our team created Carbofen-X.

Applications of Carbofen-X

Like the rest of the Carbofen family, Carbofen-X also carries the air-entraining gene. Similarly to Carbofen NCX, this material was designed to be ready-to-use. In other words, Carbofen-X can be directly mixed with other ingredients of the mortar mixture without the need of saponification – much less be solubilized in water beforehand.

Packaging of Carbofen-X 

Differently from other products in the Carbofen product line, Carbofen-X is hygroscopic. Consequently, our water-loving product is packaged in polyethylene bags of 20 kgs (approx. 44 lbs). But please let us know if you need it in bulk, our team will find a solution.

Transportation of Carbofen-X

Another trait that Carbofen-X shares with other products of the Carbofen family is its non-hazardous status as a natural resin. So, sea, land and air freight with this merchandise is straightforwardly standard.

Learn More…

… By checking out our product pages for Carbofen Gold and Carbofen-X.

… By getting in touch with our team and requesting the Technical Data Sheet for detailed information about product application or the Safety Data Sheet for information on product safety, storage and handling.


Updated Jun-06-2020

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