Anionic Bitumen Emulsifying Agents

Polytrade is Investing in Knowledge

This past week, the sales, marketing and manufacturing teams have come together to learn more about the asphalt industry trends, innovations and processes. With the help of a leading Brazilian expert, Mr. Edson Andrade, Polytrade has completed yet another certification program on bitumen asphalt emulsions.

Our company is always striving to learn more about market needs to better provide solutions and products to our clients. With this value close to heart, Polytrade prides itself in investing time and resources to further develop not only the sales team, but the marketing and manufacturing department in their quest for more relevant technical knowledge. Thus, understanding not only the micro – how our products can be applied – but also the macro – what industrial processes our products are part of – enhance the service quality our team provides to current and potential clients.

As a 2019 resolution, Polytrade will be investing heavily in the technical side of the business this year. Our company will deepen relations with international certification laboratories, upgrade hardware at our factory’s lab and seek more industry knowledge via certification courses. Our team always strives to provide the best commercial and technical service, since Polytrade’s ultimate goal is to be your global partner in natural resins.

So, keep tuned for more updates on how our 2019 resolution is coming along by following us on LinkedIn.

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