Carbofen® 6060


Carbofen® 6060 is derived from the natural resin of the araucaria angustifolia, also known as the Parana Pine. This polyphenolic thermoplastic resin is a brown powder insoluble in water. After being saponified by caustic soda (NaOH) or potassium hydroxide (KOH), Carbofen® 6060 becomes a soap solution and soluble.


Due to its physical and chemical properties, Carbofen® 6060 can be used as a raw material or by itself for a variety of industrial applications, such as:

  • Air-entraining agent and plasticizer for cement, concrete and mortar,
  • Anionic bitumen emulsifier for slow setting (SS-1 and SS-1H) emulsions for road pavement rejuvenation, tack coats, fog seal and roofing applications,
  • Tackifier for adhesives,
  • Gasket sealants,
  • Flexographic inks,
  • Foundry coatings, varnishes and inks,
  • Binder in paperboard and composition board.


We export in containers of 20ft and 40ft.


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Carbofen® 6060

Anionic Bitumen Emulsifier

Carbofen® 6060

Air-Entraining Agent & Plasticizer

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Carbofen® 6060

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)